Pale Green Nude

Collage59.4 x 42.0 cm?
Artwork size

Artwork physical size measured as height by width by depth. Artwork purchased with a frame will usually be 5cm (2.5in) longer in each dimension.

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Liz Lever

My work captures the movement and energy of the human form. With a background in fashion illustration, I tend to exaggerate poses so that the most interesting shapes dominate. My current series of nude cut-outs was initially inspired by Matisse’s "Blue Nudes". Working directly from live models and photographs, I cut paper rapidly with a scalpel without any preliminary drawings. I love this way of drawing with a scalpel because it forces me to simplify and exaggerate so that the figure really comes to life. I then use these templates to make bold painted paper cut-outs or screen prints. My art work is held in private collections throughout the world, including Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, Australia and Italy. I am inspired by the bold and energetic work of Matisse, Picasso, and countless contemporary fashion illustrators.

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