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Ditch the flowers and chocolate this year and go for a more meaningful present: art. This holiday can be rife with cliché and offerings that are lacking in sentiment, which is why we curated this collection; a celebration of all things related to love, whether shown through the beauty of nature, or the tender embrace in figurative art. Whether your valentine is a fan of photography or a lover of collage, you’ll find something to suit a range of tastes and styles. Speak to an advisor for more guidance at

Love can take many forms, and this concept can be observed through a wide range of styles and subjects on offer in this collection. You’ll find some of the more recognisable images of romance such as hearts, flowers and birds here, as well as vibrant abstract works that convey a deep sense of emotion without making use of direct imagery.

We’re on hand to guide you as you buy your next artwork. Whether it’s your first time purchasing or you’re already familiar with the process, our curated collection makes it easy to find the perfect present for your lover this Valentine’s Day. Narrow down to find exactly what you’re looking for by using our search filters for size, price and orientation.

Karenina Fabrizzi is an Italian artist whose work exudes a sense of romance, with portraits interwoven with floral designs and imagery from the animal kingdom. There’s a sense of delicacy to her paintings, yet she avoids drifting into the clichés and imagery that is so typical of so much floral art. Instead, these canvases are imbued with a slightly dark and mysterious atmosphere that entices the onlooker, inviting deeper contemplation.

If you’re looking for something heartwarming to gift this Valentine’s Day, then take a look at Louise McNaught, a British artist who explores the many sides of the animal kingdom. Many of these paintings depict two animals together, such as her charming piece, Soul Mates, making Louise’s work an ideal present for a partner. What makes Louise’s style so special is her unique admiration for the animal kingdom that shines through in every piece, and she uses a palette of bright neon colours and a mixed media approach to communicate this emotion.

Fans of dreamy landscapes should check out Yuliya Martynova, a Kazakhstani artist working with watercolours. Her interesting style toes the line between figurative and abstract styles, and what at first appears to be just shapes and forms eventually emerges as clouds or the sea from above. We love the way in which she works with colour, with each hue bleeding beautifully into the next.

You’ll also discover prints from leading conceptual artist Tracey Emin, whose work often addresses the theme of love. In particular, she has created a series of neon light sculptures with romantic quotes and expressions, which you can find in the form of prints here. You might recognise her work from St Pancras station in London, where one of her light sculptures states “I want my time with you” in a slanted script.

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