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Discover a vast range of still life flower art for sale online today. Our ever-evolving collection of flower paintings showcases art from some of the most exciting artists working today. With everything from the abstract bursts of colour on a horizontal canvas, to the highly detailed finish of a still life scene bathed in light, our online gallery makes it easy for you to discover, own and collect flower art today. Find the perfect painting today, and why not start by exploring our collection of realistic, impressionistic and abstract flower art.

Or discover the serene paintings of Andrew McNeile Jones showcase his cinematic eye and intricate attention to shape, tone and detail. Anemones From Cornwall demonstrates the still and graceful quality of each of McNeile Jones’s paintings, where beauty lies in every inch of the canvas; from the way the light falls on the table, to the elegant composition of each flower.

Jinsheng You takes a more whimsical approach to his still life’s, whilst holding the same consideration of perspective as McNeile Jones. Vibrant with deep purples and swirling blues, You’s paintings capture the spirit of flowers through animated brushwork and exciting angles. In Prosperous flowers 536, the lively yellows of the flowers seep out of their contained form, and make for an interesting portrayal of light and perspective.

Jonathan Alibone works in muted colours to create paintings that resemble old photographs and wistful memories. The blurred focus of the single rose in A Pink Rose (no.1) invites a more in-depth look at this intriguing painting, in which the perspective is both detailed and distorted. The painting resembles a fleeting moment of a subject that remains silent and peaceful.

A still life depicts an arrangement of everyday inanimate objects, usually in an interior or domestic setting. Flowers are a commonplace subject in still life artworks, as are food, books, coins and other household items. Some of the earliest examples of still life paintings are of flowers in a vase. Artists such as Bruegel and Bossechaert popularised flower paintings throughout the late Renaissance, as it was an opportunity to use vibrant contrasting colours in the context of a still life painting. Dutch painters elevated the status of still life paintings, and flowers forming the subject of paintings became more and more prevalent throughout the seventeenth century.

The still-life genre continued in paintings and drawings, and with the art movements of the nineteenth and twentieth century, flowers in still life’s were as popular as ever. Van Gogh’s series of sunflower paintings are recognised as some of the most well-known still life’s of recent times. From Van Gogh to Mondrian, flowers in domestic spaces were a subject of great intrigue for modern artists. Today, flowers are still a dominant subject in painting, and their presence in domestic settings has become one of the most popular features of still life.

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      Untitled Flowers Painting 3

      Paintings - 45x60cmRent for £ 140/mo

      Mystery Liquid

      Paintings - 102x102cm

      A Pink Rose (no.1)

      Paintings - 30x25cmRent for £ 54/mo

      Yellow Orchid

      Paintings - 100x50cmRent for £ 106/mo

      Untitled Flowers Painting 1

      Paintings - 45x60cmRent for £ 140/mo

      Flowerbomb II

      Prints - 175x70cmRent for £ 147/mo

      A Pink Rose (no.2)

      Paintings - 30x25cmRent for £ 54/mo

      A Call to Arms

      Collage - 90x50cmRent for £ 54/mo

      Kitsunes dream

      Paintings - 45x45cmRent for £ 67/mo


      Photography - 152x102cmRent for £ 78/mo

      Folds and flowers

      Paintings - 50x50cmRent for £ 63/mo

      For JP Sartre 2009

      Prints - 60x45cmRent for £ 126/mo

      Flowers in a White Vase

      Paintings - 48x40cmRent for £ 106/mo


      Prints - 70x57cmRent for £ 53/mo

      Amaranth Rose

      Paintings - 70x70cmRent for £ 84/mo

      Spot Coleus

      Paintings - 62x38cmRent for £ 50/mo


      Paintings - 15x15cm

      Plum blossom

      Paintings - 50x50cmRent for £ 105/mo

      Waterlilies 749

      Paintings - 70x140cm

      Nature morte aux fleurs séchées

      Paintings - 57x39cmRent for £ 52/mo

      Waterlily 529

      Paintings - 60x120cm


      Paintings - 51x41cm

      They Won't Remember But I Will

      Prints - 71x50cmRent for £ 49/mo

      Waterlilies 773

      Paintings - 80x60cm

      Schale, Vase, Kornblumen

      Collage - 65x56cmRent for £ 97/mo

      Wachstuchdecke und Sonnenblumen

      Paintings - 57x40cmRent for £ 89/mo

      Waterlily 528

      Paintings - 60x120cm

      Waterlily 118

      Paintings - 70x120cm

      Lotus 841

      Paintings - 120x60cm

      Floral on vase 535

      Paintings - 50x70cm