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Discover artwork for your entranceway. Our entranceway edit draws together exemplary artworks to emboss your entrée. Though oft-neglected transitory spaces, the entrance to your home, or any interior for that matter, is the first and last thing people see when they come and go. The entranceway is, therefore, an ideal space to make a stunning first impression and have an enduring influence on guests.

Making an Entrance

A statement piece or two in your foyer could set the scene for your build. Whether your preferred style is more abstract or your taste teeters towards minimalism, explore our range of elegantly crafted artworks to spruce up your entranceway, all hand-selected by expert curators.

For instantly recognisable yet affordable art, you can purchase stylish Pop Art prints by the iconic Sir Peter Blake. With collections on display at top London galleries such as the Tate and The National Gallery, delightful and distinctive prints like Wink would be a royally welcome sight to come home to.

Gallery Walls

For small and large layouts alike, selections of prints, illustrations or [photography[( hung in a gallery style can breathe life into the most muted, lacklustre interiors. For a salon hang, colourful animal prints by tragi-comic artist Carl Moore such as The Dog Who Wanted to be a Leopard are perfect as individual prints or as part of a collection. Bright, animated and full of panache, these prints truly pack a punch. For an extra stylistic touch, you can also purchase matching frames to accompany your chosen prints or illustrations.

Large Entranceway Pieces

For a real coup-de-foudre, large entranceway pieces catch the eye and add a certain largesse to any space regardless of true scale. Emotionally charged land and seascape paintings by modern impressionist Alison Johnson can infuse atmosphere into any setting. Alison’s multi-textural works like The Singing Tree, with their enviable depth of scale, movement and emotion, imprint on the heart with every viewing.

Statements Pieces for Your Entranceway

The jury is forever out when it comes to inviting new acquaintances home, but what better way to win them over than with a limited-edition statement piece? Figurative portraits and prints by Eva Santin, a renowned Spanish artist specialising in photosensitive media and woodcutting, are a must-consider. Multi-sensorial prints such as Sylph, though soft and delicate, provide a powerful and experiential backdrop to any interior.

Make a Lasting Impression

If you are partial to geometric designs or graffiti aesthetics, dramatic large-scale pattern works by German street artist KEF! might be of interest. Polychromatic paintings such as Another Dimension could don a dash of urban to your entranceway, inviting the outside world in while still maintaining a certain grace and harmony.

For more entranceway art ideas, read our article on Staging Your Entrance with Art.

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