Brazillian Artists

Find emerging Brazilian artists online such as Ramon Martins and Gustava Amaral. Peruse an array of top, thoroughly-vetted artists from Brazil working in a variety of different styles including Surrealism, Abstract and Illustration.

Ramon Martins combines sensibility and expressivity with a style rooted in Brazilian culture. His colourful aesthetic draws on the street culture of Sao Paulo as well as his refined academic background. The figurative portrait, Rudolfo Martins, acrylic with extracted wall fragments, embodies his personal touch and imaginative insights about Brazilian heritage.

Gustava Amaral is a photographer interested in the human form, architecture and the collective consciousness. His photographic collages are an unravelling of the physical form and the human psyche, presenting both the external body and the internal emotions of his subjects. The abstract portraits Ensaio Para Voo Interno and A Histora De Lily Braun, for instance, present how the artist envisions collages as a universe of senses, opening up a dialogue with the observer about the world we live in.

Mixed-media artist Joana Traub Cseko works with a diverse range of mediums from painting to sculpture and performance. Her art is mainly concerned with ideas around history and the passage of time, and many of her works have a melancholy tone. The palimpsest nature of her surrealist portrait Passages, for example, explores how the past and present occupy the same space at the same time, revealing her interest in how the creation and consumption of art occur simultaneously.

Murilo Manzini is a Brazilian visual artist and illustrator. His illustrations explore themes of human fragility, emotional vulnerability and beauty, all underscored by the delicate nature of drawings. Flowers, crystals and vintage toys are common motifs in his work. The hiding figure in Concealed, a blend of watercolour and marker on cotton paper, seems to imply an emotional struggle or state of denial. On further inspection, however, the harmonious floral patterns hint at a deeper natural resilience and sense of peace to come.

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    Marcus André

    B. 1961

    Adriano Ribeiro

    B. 1970

    Antonio de Campos

    B. 1961

    Ramon Martins

    B. 1981

    Sabrina Barrios

    United States
    B. 1981

    Juliana Borinski

    B. 1979

    Suely Blot

    B. 1970

    Gustavo Amaral

    B. 1983

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