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Barbara Rae

While she works from her studio in Edinburgh, Barbara Rae is Internationally recognised for her work that occupies a position somewhere between Abstract Painting and Landscape Painting. Her visual language captures nature in interesting ways, making use of block shapes and bold colours to create a world that is easy to lose yourself in. Despite the subject matter, her themes are thoroughly human in nature, as she explores socio-economic and historical aspects of a location to expose the impact of mankind.

Career Trajectory

Barbara Rae is a respected figure in the world of art. Beginning her training at Edinburgh College of Art, she has since gone on to exhibit in countless locations across the world, including exciting locales such as New York, Oslo, Mexico and Taos. Among the many awards that she has racked up over the years are the Major Scottish Arts Council Awards (1975, 1981), the Alexander Graham Munro Award (1989) and even a CBE. To add to the list, she’s also a member of the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Academy of Art in London. Between creating art, she has taught art in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

Collections Featuring Barbara Rae’s Art

Barbara Rae’s brand of Abstract Expressionism can be found in a number of notable collections, including the Portland Gallery and the Royal Academy of Arts in London, and the SO Fine Art Editions in Dublin.

Get to know Barbara Rae’s work for yourself and read our article, Barbara Rae: Documenting the Margins of the World, where we explore her expressive approach to landscape art.

"Described by the Royal Academy of Arts magazine as "Creating intense colour bursts that evoke dramatic landscapes but remain resolutely abstract" Barbara Rae creates work that is both visually stunning and technically brilliant. Her screen print works often use over 20 different screens as well as washes to achieve their desired impact. As her impact on modern and contemporary art continues to evolve, she is gaining deserved recognition as one of the top artists of her generation."

Anthony Fawcett - Rise Art Curator

Artworks by Barbara Rae

Barbara Rae

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