Gyula Sagi


Gyula Sagi is a young Hungarian artist who lives and works in Berlin. After finishing his studies in visual arts, he began to create his artistic work, finding inspiration in the repetitive structural systems found in nature and concentrating on the pure formations of things. Gyula's work seeks to abstractly express the systematic patterns of nature in juxtaposition with the wild and emotional rhythm that the human being is capable of creating. Recurring lines and geometric structures create a series of hypnotic forms for the viewer, which are interrupted by the unbridled urge to paint on the canvas. The artist understands that the fortuitous and the accidental are part of this repetitive construct created by nature, and that none of these elements could exist without its counterpart; he thus seeks to capture this balance in his artwork.

Selected Works

op151120 by Gyula Sagi


Paintings - 105x75 cm
op091120 by Gyula Sagi


Paintings - 75x105 cm
op131120 by Gyula Sagi


Paintings - 75x105 cm
op221120 by Gyula Sagi


Paintings - 75x105 cm
op161120 by Gyula Sagi


Paintings - 75x105 cm
op041217 by Gyula Sagi


Paintings - 150x120 cm
111117/5 by Gyula Sagi


Paintings - 48x38 cm
111117/2 by Gyula Sagi


Paintings - 48x38 cm
op141117 by Gyula Sagi


Paintings - 100x80 cm
op141117/2 by Gyula Sagi


Paintings - 100x80 cm

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