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      Fatola Israel

      Fatola Israel draws hyperrealist portraits that look like freeze-frames of reality.
      The artist has won a number of awards for his artwork, and he exhibits around the globe.
      Fatola's exquisite drawings are not just technically excellent; they're also laden with emotion.

      Fatola, born on the 7th of April, 1996, is a highly passionate, Multi Award Winning Visual Artist. He is the Creative Director of HeavenlyArtz™ - a Creative Brand set to illustrate human experiences through Art with the creative fusion of Film/Documentary, Storytelling, Poetry, and Visual Art.

      Several of his works have been awarded and has featured in numerous group shows all across the world. Fatola's narrative and the expressive properties of his technique are carefully constructed to describe with acute accuracy, the true inward essence of his subjects and their unique experience. His raw detail forces the viewer to see everything, thereafter creating an awareness which the artist intends to use to inspire positive change

      His artistic style is a combination of an introspective conversation with himself and the world outside. Employing the Hyper realistic technique in his works allows him connect with different spectrum of emotions, making him more socially aware.

      His technique presents itself as a meditative act and this practice is reflective in his personal life. Consequently, He has encountered Truth and Reality by searching inward.

      In his exact words, "Truth and Reality are the foundational principles that guide my creative process. Realizing this made me a Hyperrealist"

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