Simone Ember

Simone has been featured in publications such as Wired and British Vogue.
Simone has exhibited across the world, from Hong Kong to Seattle.
Simone works with a variety of interesting media, ranging from digital art to paintings layered with gold leaf.

Simone Ember is a British mixed media artist who lives and works from her home studio in Buckinghamshire. Simone is interested in nature and incorporates these themes into her paintings and prints, exploring topics such as the life cycle of flowers in a series of different works. Through these studies of nature, Simone attempts to highlight the effects that living in urban areas can have on human health and wellbeing and the damage of living in a way that is so far removed from nature.

Simone Ember’s Career as an Artist

Simone started her creative journey with a BA in Graphic Design & Illustration from De Montfort University in 2010. This education informs her present work, as she often produces digital art using Photoshop. Since her university days, Simone has exhibited widely across London and has sold paintings at auction. She has also had her work featured in notable publications such as Wired, British Vogue, Creative Review and Livingetc.

Exhibitions and Awards

Simone has exhibited her flower paintings and more in exhibitions across the globe, ranging from Hong Kong to Seattle. In 2017, she was awarded a grant from the Eaton Fund, and was shortlisted for Art Factor in 2013.

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