Eric Ouaknine


Eric Ouaknine is an international fashion photographer based in Paris and from the south of France. Very young he shows a particular interest in pictorial art and in particular drawing by developing a universe inspired by apocalyptic, fantastic and avant-garde fictions of the 1980s such as Mad-Max, Terminator, Blade Runner etc ... A passionate family and collector of art, his father painting by leisure, he visits the museums of Florence and Paris and ecstatic in front of the great works of the Renaissance and the Baroque and Gothic architectures which will mark him forever. After studying nurse, passionate about landscape photography, still life and portrait he undertakes to radically change CAP and created a school of models in 2001 in which he will carry out many photo tests and will take his first steps in the world of fashion. Completely self -taught he carried out his first advertising campaign for a prestigious brand in 2003. In 2004 he moved to Paris with the ambition to become an international fashion photographer and specialize in haute couture and luxury accessory. From then on, he will continue the campaigns for famous brands, the editorials for the press, the trips to Milan and New York and will collaborate in parallel with the young promising fashion designers. He organized his first photographic exhibition entitled "Destiny", a series of artistic portraits featuring original jewelry in 2008. This event is a significant success with the general public. Then he worked in 2009 on a series of futuristic portraits entitled "Girlz of Z future" which he exhibits in the Louvre restaurant. In 2011, sponsored by Maître Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr, he exhibited "the Lord Female" in the Culeé du Pont Alexandre III, an event which will be a great success. "Virgin Suicide" (launched in 2017) represents the artist's fourth exhibition. This series of powerful portraits was created in partnership with the talented makeup artist Christelle Minbourg.

Selected Works

The birth of life by Eric Ouaknine

The birth of life

Photography - 124x177 cm
Mistress of chaos by Eric Ouaknine

Mistress of chaos

Photography - 124x88 cm
Angeline by Eric Ouaknine


Photography - 124x124 cm
Guardian angel by Eric Ouaknine

Guardian angel

Photography - 124x159 cm
The ghoul by Eric Ouaknine

The ghoul

Photography - 124x124 cm
Guardian of eternity by Eric Ouaknine

Guardian of eternity

Photography - 124x157 cm
Azraël by Eric Ouaknine


Photography - 124x165 cm
A young man in a classic car by Eric Ouaknine

A young man in a classic car

Photography - 50x71 cm
Jigouli by Eric Ouaknine


Photography - 45x75 cm

Chevaux au vent - 06

Photography - 50x75 cm

Chevaux au vent - 05

Photography - 50x75 cm

Chevaux au vent - 04

Photography - 50x75 cm

Chevaux au vent - 03

Photography - 50x75 cm

Chevaux au vent - 02

Photography - 50x75 cm

Chevaux au vent - 01

Photography - 75x50 cm


Photography - 50x72 cm

Lune de miel

Photography - 50x72 cm

Spiritual healing

Photography - 70x57 cm

Zombie queen

Photography - 69x50 cm

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