Extract humans from matter or dissolve humans from matter. Seeking primary emotion, tirelessly toify fundamental human questions. Only work on instinct ... in all sincerity. But, what is born from this approach does not impose anything, I want my intentions to be faded and give way to everyone's feelings. I photograph accidental forms of nature and the urban environment. From the mixture of these images, either between them or with portraits and drawings, my paintings are born. Roots, bark, old walls, stones, spots etc. whose natural side and the raw side, become so many faces, anthropomorphic forms, expressive landscapes. Péréidolie and/or the accident are the trigger elements of my work. From these reworked and redesigned materials, pulling the wire, I reveal, in modest alchemist, the images born of my imagination. I claim a work from photography and aesthetically closer to painting, drawing, engraving. The matt support used still helps this perception. I like in this no man's land who wants to erase technique in favor of emotion with voluntary ambiguity on its nature.

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