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      Emma Wharton Love


      Emma Wharton Love is a British artist who works across the disciplines of design and visual arts to create her colourful, gestural and design-led works.

      Encouraging her mediums and materials to move naturally with as little intervention as possible, Emma creates expressive abstract and landscape inspired paintings. Paints are often heavily diluted with mediums and appear to spill onto the surface rather than be directly applied. Despite many of Emma's works being completely abstract, her paintings bring to mind landscapes and natural forms.

      Deliberately featuring unusual placement of strong graphic elements and a playful use of colour is characteristic of Emma's work. The combination of organic yet design-led techniques produces paintings which are striking yet harmonious.

      Emma is inspired by great women abstract expressionists including Helen Frankenthaler, but also 3D artists, particularly Barbara Hepworth. She is also continually inspired by the other aspects of her life - graphic design, architecture, interior design, fashion. Ideas and inspiration flow back and forth between all these disciplines and her painting practice.

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