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      Jean-Baptiste Monnin

      Jean-Baptiste Monnin is known for his minimalist graphite drawings.
      Jean-Baptiste’s geometric works invite viewers into fictional architectural worlds.
      The artist also works with graphics, sculpture and photography.

      Born in 1986 in Besançon, France, Jean-Baptiste Monnin is an abstract draughtsperson. Upon completing his studies in Fine Art and Architecture in France, Jean-Baptiste moved to Berlin. He currently participates in diverse artistic projects and collaborations from scenography to product design and music video production. In his drawings, as in his various other creative enterprises, the artist takes inspiration from his background in architecture.

      Jean-Baptiste Monnin’s Style and Practice

      Jean-Baptiste plays with abstract compositions and pays meticulous attention to the structured and uncontrolled details of construction design. Experimenting with various media, he explores notions of perspective, scale and relief. He visually processes the rhythm and repetition of patterns and scales engendered by architectural constructions and urban spaces. In his highly stylised graphite works, Jean-Baptiste reframes ordinary forms with geometric rigour, often interpreting phenomena beyond what the human eye can see. His process ultimately leads viewers into disorientating fictional worlds and encourages them to question their perception of reality.

      Shows and Residencies

      The artist has participated in many group shows in Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Japan and beyond. In 2018, he was the artist-in-residence at Gallery Heike Arndt on the island of Lolland, Denmark.

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