Architecture Drawings For Sale

Explore our wide range of architecture drawings for sale. Artists not only work to capture the buildings they see around them, or preserve those that have disappeared, but to imagine completely new possibilities in building design. Buy architecture drawings today and add exciting new pieces to your personal collection, including Abstract Architecture Drawings, Illustrative Architecture Drawings, Realistic Architecture Drawings and much more.…

While some architecture drawings are of buildings, structures and elements of buildings, others are cartography based and to point of complete abstraction. Tannaz Oroumchi's drawings are very much inspired by aerial perspectives of cities and work to break down visual barriers between familiar places by putting them into new relationships with one another.

In contrast with Tannaz’s abstract drawings, we have Fraser Haston’s illustrations of villages, cottages and churches. His drawing, The High Kirk is one of his most striking monochrome drawings and like his other drawings of Edinburgh shows his empathy with architecture. Fraser Haston specialises in graphic design, and alongside his own practice, teaches drawing and painting in adult education circles.

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