Jan Brauer

Jan Brauer has exhibited internationally, from China to the USA.
Jan's work explores the intrigue of the everyday to reflect subconscious thoughts and feelings.
Jan has exhibited in collaboration with the Norwegian Graphic Artist Association.

Born in Germany and now working from his studio in Graz, Austria, Jan Brauer is a multidisciplinary artist who has never limited himself to just one medium. His body of work stretches from the world of collage to painting, exploring the importance of everyday objects and how they reflect subconscious thoughts. His graphic art has an unmistakable style that is characterised by bright colours and bold lines.

Jan Brauer’s Artistic Career

The artist’s diverse approach to his practice stems from his broad education, which began with a course in printmaking and drawing from Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig and progressed to a design degree in Halle. The design influence is clear to see throughout his work, which is carefully composed throughout. After working as a designer and curator assistant, he went on to begin his career as an artist with various exhibitions and shows.

Exhibitions and Collections

Jan has exhibited all types of art across the world, from still life to abstract paintings. He began his career with group exhibitions in Europe, ranging from Germany to Norway to the UK. Since then, he has gone on to exhibit across the globe, with shows in China and the USA, as well as solo shows in Norway and Germany.

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