Rise Art's Top 5 Contemporary Expressionist Artists

Posted in Inside Scoop by Rise Art on 05th November 2020

Expressionism began at the dawn of the 20th-century as a revolt against the dominant art forms of the time. From its conception through to the present day, expressionists continue to be as innovative and fearless as ever. Indeed, the expressionist code is no less valid now than it was when the likes of Henri Matisse and Francis Bacon walked among us. Our expert curators have hand-selected the hottest avant-gardists on the modern art scene. Below, discover Rise Art’s top 5 contemporary expressionist artists. Experimenting with rich expanses of colour, obscure perspectives and unique textures, this talented bunch carry the torch with a firm grip. 

Metamorphoses V by Nick Malone


Top 5 Contemporary Expressionist Artists

Stella Kapezanou

Greek artist Stella Kapezanou stands out for her figurative paintings which offer a lighthearted critique of consumerist culture. Stella devotes her canvases to the exploration of formalistic and expressionistic techniques. Her landscape art such as Sunset pulse with colour and vivacity thanks to the artist’s signature tropical colour palette and intensely decorative designs. 

Sunset by Stella Kapezanou


Stella’s portraits, in particular, are steeped with irony, portraying unsuspecting figures as indissolubly linked to their surroundings. Kristy incites both joy and sadness; at once, a good-humoured commentary on modern materialism and a longing for human connection.  

Kirsty by Stella Kapezanou


Dave White

Dave White is responsible for a new generation of animal art which endeavours to capture the purity and richness of his subjects on canvas - an element integral to his practice. His hand-finished animal portraits are visceral and full of character, each imbued with a powerful presence and unique disposition.  

Speckled and flecked with gold leaf, dust and gloss, Dave brings his paintings and prints such as Silverback VII to life but with a certain charm and theatre unfound elsewhere on the market. 

Silverback VII by Dave White


Enzo Marra

Shortlisted for the 100 Painters of Tomorrow, works by Enzo Marra are certainly ones to collect. With his trademark style, a clever mix of monochromatic palettes with impasto techniques, the visual artist revitalises age-old traditions using refined tones and gestural brushstrokes. There is something unusually chilling and alluring about the artist’s still life oil paintings such as Bust, oil on panel. Likewise, the generous application of paint and terraneous textures of Into The Deep make for a dramatic addition to any collection. 

Into the Deep by Enzo Marra


Nick Malone

Nick Malone consistently pushes the boundaries of abstract art. His colourful compositions are highly experimental and decorative explorations of conflict and difference. Explosive acrylic paintings like the blue-hued Natation I have a magnetic energy about them. Nick’s inventive dynamism is not limited to canvas, though. The artist pulls a range of literature, text and graphics together, resulting in a lively and contrasting body of work. 

Nation I by Nick Malone


Jane Pryor

Jane Pryor steeps her canvases in flat expanses of colour, heterogeneous shapes and playful yet unostentatious patterns. Drawing inspiration from colour-field compositions and traditional minimalist paintings, Jane’s style is one of balance and flux. And if you say run… 3  is rich with creativity and yet spacious with minimal detail. These uniquely ambiguous creations invite viewers to reconsider their understanding of physical and psychological space, to explore the boundaries between shapes and colour, and observing and responding. 

and if you say run...3 by Jane Pryor


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