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A Summer Solstice themed weekly catch up! Our head curator Rebecca Gordan featured in The London Mummy, artist Alexandra Gallagher was queen of street art this week, and Nadia Day exhibited in the Richmond Open House weekend. Read on for more news.

By Rise Art | 24 Jun 2016

Trending This Week

Summer Solstice

Ok so for most of the week it's seemed like summer got lost on its way here to London. But we're still holding out on it turning up before too long. Amidst thunder storms and grey skies we've been practising the art of escapism in the office, browsing through artworks inspired by sunnier times. Hang a piece like St Tropez Beach in your house and hey presto - it's summer all year round...! (Disclaimer: side effects may include wanderlust).

St Topez Beach

Tommy Clarke

Rebecca Gordon in The London Mummy

“Rise Art was a complete change for me... I was suddenly surrounded by really affordable, yet brilliant artworks. As a result, my relationship with art changed and I became excited again because for once, I could actually afford to own some of the work that I was selling! It was new, exciting and rewarding dealing with these emerging artists as well as the more established ones.”

Savvy and stylish mother of 3 and lifestyle blogger Lucinda Robins recently pinned down our very own head curator Rebecca Gordon for an interview feature in The London Mummy. Check it out to hear all about what Rebecca gets up to here at Rise Art, and to see some of her top picks of affordable art, including original pieces from Harriet Hoult, Simon Smith, Samsofy Samlal to name but a few!


The Interiors Edit | A Curated Collection

This week we published our feature on 5 Interior Designers to Swoon Over, go and check it out if you missed it! We gathered an edit of some of the artworks our designers are loving the most right now, from the minimal monochrome to the sassy statement piece! Have a browse and find out how to get that designer look in your home.


Rise Art News

Alexandra Gallagher @ Blackburn Open Walls 2016

The exceptionally talented surreal artist Alexandra Gallagher has been busy taking part in the week long all-female street art project in Blackburn. 6 days, 6 artists and a lot of blank walls to fill...!

Here's a sneak-peek at Alexandra Gallagher working on the first of 5 street art pieces for the Blackburn Open Walls project. We can't wait to see the rest. A walking tour of the exhibition is taking place on Saturday at 3pm followed by a party... Can we come?!


Alexandra Gallagher


Nadia Day @ The Richmond Open House Weekend

Nadia Day has told us before in an interview just how much her father's career as an artist has inspired her over the years. Now the two of them will be exhibiting together at the Richmond Art House Open Studios this weekend! She's recently added a whole batch of new original paintings to her portfolio, but now's your chance to see them in the flesh!

View from the Bridge

A new work by Nadia Day


New This Week

Victoria Horkan working on her latest commission


One of Rise Art's most popular abstract artists Victoria Horkan has been extremely busy lately working on a whole new series of paintings. She's released some brand new artworks on the site, and has recently been commissioned to complete the largest original painting she's ever made! Exciting (slightly hectic) times for Victoria, keep checking back to see updates on the piece in progress!

The Humming Bird Flies Twice

A new work by Victoria Horkan




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