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        Why Use Art in Office Design?

        Have you recently moved to a new office and are planning to add some character to distinguish yourself from other corporates; or are you thinking of ways to motivate your employees? Either way, art can help you with your goal– have a look at three reasons why use are in your office design.

        By Meelimari Arro | 10 Dec 2014
        When your company moves to a new office and is planning to add some character to distinguish yourself from other corporates, art can help you with this goal– have a look at three reasons why use are in office design. 


        Art is a great way to convey the company’s unique style and character to clients, partners and employees. Peter Harris, the author of a recent book called ‘A Celebration of Corporate Art Programmes Worldwide’, says that image is the main reason companies display art:  ‘to tell the world and their employees things about them.’

        Markets Royale 1816/2014
        Kristjana Williams

        Corporate artwork can also be made the centre-point of branding and incorporated early in the office design process. For example, Rise Art artist Kristjana S Williams’ bespoke work was used to create a new identity for a London hotel and is featured on different collateral such as bags, keychain, candle packaging, etc. Her work is also available on Rise Art.

        Between the Lines
        Brigitte Williams

        Facebook, the role model for many upcoming tech companies, also uses murals on its office walls to communicate its brand values. Art is a big part of Facebook’s culture: it doesn’t just decorate their office walls but it defines them and helps shape the company’s image. ‘It’s a visual and a physical manifestation of what’s happening on the computers,’  says Drew Bennet,  Facebook’s artist. 

        Eelco Maan

        Art can be used not only to send a message about the company’s culture to external visitors but also for creating a specific vibe for its employees. The ambience and colour of office decor play a huge role in how people feel.  Use art and its colours to create a different atmosphere that caters to the purpose of the room. Vivid colours like orange and red evoke energy, spontaneity and stimulate conversations. Use them in rooms where your employees need to be energetic and upbeat like a call centre or a room that is often used for brainstorming and coming up with creative ideas. In contrast, if you need your employees to feel comfortable, stable and approachable then use brown in artwork to create a sense of order. 

        Through the Nab
        Tina Mammoser

        Blue also represents calm and harmony and cold tones in general (greens, blues, purples) make people feel relaxed, while warmer colors (yellows, oranges, reds) are often associated with warmth and creativity. To increase productivity, keep very bright colours to a minimum. 
        Similarly to colors, the style of the office wall art can create a different ambience in each room. Many Rise Art corporate clients have used more funky and urban art to create a casual feeling in their chill room. 

        Art Malarkey 2
        Brad Faine

        JPMorgan Chase, who has one of the world’s most celebrated corporate collections,  became a model for companies worldwide by using artwork for branding as well as creating a favourable atmosphere. They see their collection as a ‘working asset’ that enhances the workplace for the enjoyment of employees, clients and guests and demonstrates key values of the firm: human creativity, innovation and diversity. When David Rockefeller, then president of The Chase Manhattan Bank, started the collection in the 1959, he envisioned it as a way of bringing creativity to the workplace. The idea that art would be more than just decoration, but would promote a work environment that was visually and intellectually stimulating was very new. Lisa K Erf, director of the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, believes that art helps to ‘create a progressive and inclusive culture for employees, clients and guests, an environment that engages with one’s capacity for critical thinking as well as nourishing the soul’.
        Art can stimulate certain artistically oriented individuals who will find the artwork a pleasure to be around: studies have shown that art in the office helps to increase employees’ creativity and productivity by 30%. This means that in addition to the vague benefits of art being esthetically pleasing, it also makes financial sense to invest in boosting employee creativity. 
        Yellow undertones tend to convey emotions, stimulate alertness in the brain and can be used to inspire people who need to feel energy and passion in order to be creative. Google, one of Rise Art’s corporate clients is at the forefront of office design with their original work environment. They used art in warm tones to inspire creativity in their room for video creators who responded very positively to the chosen artwork. 

        Home is Where the Hearth is
        Gina Parr

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