Underwater Art For Sale

Browse our selection of underwater art for sale. Here, you’ll find any art that deals with an underwater subject, whether that’s the creatures that inhabit the seas or humans that have dived down to explore the waters. If you’re not sure where to get started on your art collecting journey, then we’re on hand to help. Kick things off by looking at our Underwater Paintings, and explore further with our Underwater Prints and Underwater Drawings.…

Dive underwater with Patsy McArthur, a Scottish artist whose work focuses on the power and grace of human movement. Her drawings, paintings and prints tend to focus on human figures underwater, exploring the ways in which light refracts and shapes become distorted when people are partially or totally submerged in water.

Jean-Luc Lacroix is a French artist whose work occasionally features underwater subjects. His piece Poiscaille is an excellent example of the genre, bringing together a palette of simple colours and varied textures to create an interesting piece. We love the way in which deep greens and blues are contrasted with metallic gold in this exciting artwork.

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