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      Illustrative Sculptures For Sale

      Explore our online gallery’s collection of illustrative sculpture for sale. Browse artworks from some of the most talented contemporary sculptors creating botanical sculpture and landscape sculpture. Shop illustrative sculpture today and discover how artists are merging the mediums of drawing and sculpture to create unique pieces of art.

      Start your search with the ceramic pieces by Korean artist Yurim Gough who demonstrates how sculpture and illustration can enhance one another. Gough draws from life, sketching her nudes straight onto contoured ceramic surfaces – connecting the human form with the hand-crafted bowls she uses as her canvas. This technique alludes to the way bowls are connected with humanity in Asian culture. Gough said, “in Korea, we might talk about how big a bowl you have in your mind, so the bowl is holding all your knowledge and experience.” In Social media nudity the artist’s spontaneous and stylish illustrations are contained by a thin gold band around the edge of the bowl.

      Find out more in our Guide To Sculpture.

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        D. Tourneur

        Sculpture - 38x12 cm