Yurim Gough came to the UK from Korea, a country with a historic tradition of ceramics.
Yurim draws directly onto clay bowls during life drawings sessions, which result in these powerful, fluid line drawings with no room for errors.
Yurim is a former fashion designer who moved to Bristol eight years ago in search of a new creative direction

Yurim draws straight onto the surface of each piece. Life drawing in front of the living, breathing model joins the model's pose to the contoured surface of the piece. The lines from the model are communicated through the rough texture to the fired handbuilt stoneware with a ceramic pencil. The jagged lines soften under glaze. For some pieces, imagery is overlaid on the drawings.

Yurim came to the UK from Korea, a country with a historic tradition of ceramics, not speaking a word of English in 2007. She didn't come as an artist however, she came as a high end fashion designer, designing high-heeled shoes for labels in Seoul, Tokyo and then London.

Yurim now explores her understanding of the relationship between artistically created structures and the human form via ceramics instead of shoes.

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