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Laure Polin


Mi-figurative, half-abstract, his art travels between the two. In the curves and the loose arise from faces, bodies, sensations, movements, rhythms. In this ballet of sensations, sometimes mythological creatures emerge, summoning allegories and memories, inviting the spectator to enter the dance. Create living forms, in search of Harmonilorsque Laure Polin Sculpt, she perceives the space that her works will have to take possession. She does not shape her works from the outside, as a stone can be attacked by the chisel, but on the contrary it shapes them in the very hollow of their intimacy. It does not perceive a difference between an abstract form or a figurative form. Whether it achieves a bust, or an abstract sculpture inspired by an inner model, Laure Polin simply seeks to create living forms. A living form is a form in drive, full, tenuous, which ties a sound relationship with another form . A sculpture is a set of volumes that are echoed and get into each other. From this agreement must arise harmony. His sculpture belongs to the area of ​​discovery. When it sculpts, it does not seek to reproduce a pre -established form but builds a form which illustrates the feeling it carries. An intuitive plastic path & nbsp; at the beginning, it is indecision: the open field of so many possibilities. Indecision leads to research: Laure Polin is looking for a trace, an imprint, a benchmark, a memory in the material, an index ... It size, sand, shakes up matter. So something occurs: a detail sometimes tiny, like an echo or on the contrary as a call. She recognizes an eye, a back, a vertebra, the sketch of a framework, a construction, a movement ... In reality, Laure Polin recognizes the beginning of a soul (of her soul?), The beginning of a structure, the beginning of a work. Then the sculpture takes a form. The one she wore without her knowledge? The one who was buried in the matter? Regardless, it will be the one that emerges from all its sensations of the present moment.

Selected Works


Sculpture - 30x8 cm


Sculpture - 44x10 cm

Retour aux sources 1

Sculpture - 42x14 cm


Sculpture - 49x22 cm

L'aplomb de la jeunesse

Sculpture - 27x7 cm


Sculpture - 47x40 cm

La danse du voile

Sculpture - 50x30 cm


Sculpture - 25x30 cm

La danse

Sculpture - 108x33 cm


Sculpture - 72x47 cm


Sculpture - 42x19 cm

Transmettre au monde

Sculpture - 39x9 cm


Sculpture - 42x11 cm

cheveux aux vents

Sculpture - 44x23 cm


Sculpture - 70x15 cm


Sculpture - 65x65 cm

Avis de tempête

Sculpture - 26x33 cm

Humer le monde

Sculpture - 39x10 cm

Observer le monde

Sculpture - 39x10 cm

Avis de tempête

Sculpture - 20x33 cm

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