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Find New York paintings for sale today. Whether you’re looking for street scenes that show the everyday lives of New Yorkers or skylines with the Empire State and Chrysler Building, this is the best place to buy New York paintings to add to your collection. Discover exciting artworks in our range of New York Prints or mix things up with some New York Collage.

New York is a city defined by immigrants, so it comes as no surprise that our next artist is also from overseas. Georgia Peskett was born and educated in the UK before moving to New York in the 1980s. Her paintings begin with a photograph, as she sets out to the streets to try and capture the essence of particular moments or places within the city. She then uses a striking colour palette to bring these images to life on a canvas, creating eye-catching images that aren’t easily forgotten.

About New York Paintings

Perhaps the most iconic city in the world, the 20th-Century New York City emerged on the global scene as a leader in everything from finance to the arts. This success and attention has earned it a whole host of nicknames, including The Big Apple and The City that Never Sleeps, and the city has captivated the imagination of artists for centuries. From popular songs to the visual arts, New York City is a subject of fascination for people across the world. With so many areas and people to explore, New York paintings are diverse and interesting.

While the first thing to spring to mind when thinking of New York Paintings is the unmistakeable skyline, artists have adopted many different perspectives in their attempts to capture the city. One of the earliest painters to take on this subject was Francis Guy, an English-born artist who showed the humble beginnings of this great city in his paintings of colonial-era streets and buildings. The muted colour palette and simplicity of his works perfectly illustrates a city and country just finding its feet in the world.

She might be better known for her close-up paintings of flowers, but Georgia O’Keeffe is another artist who famously painted The City that Never Sleeps. Her paintings use a limited range of colours and clean lines, creating a highly stylised view of the city that emphasises the beauty of its architecture. Her painting New York with Moon shows a quieter side to the city, with the moon looming between the towering skyscrapers that dominate the streets of Manhattan.

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