Wildlife Drawings For Sale

Discover a new and original range of wildlife drawings for sale. Each piece in our online gallery has been hand-selected by our team of curatorial experts, showcasing a vast collection of wild life drawings that range from the figurative to the photorealistic. Browse below to unearth some of the most exciting emerging and established artists in the contemporary artworld and to find the perfect new piece for your home.

Wildlife drawings have a long and enduring history, first appearing as impressions of animals hidden on the walls of caves, before emerging for their symbolic and religious associations. Drawings of animals have even been discovered in ancient Roman settlements, including Pompeii. Since then, wildlife drawings have continued to be instilled with meaning, whilst they are also appreciated for their aesthetic and decorative quality.

A good place to start is with the charcoal drawings of Antonia Barclay. Antonia’s realist approach is executed in a balanced and symmetrical style, in which animals become patterned arrangements of still objects. Using the traditional techniques of portraiture, Antonia’s drawings are both composed and compelling.

Also working in black and white to capture scenes of wildlife is C-A Haplin. C-A’s realistic approach differs from Antonia’s in the atmospheric contrasts and drama given to each drawing. With a dark and deep shadow occupying space in each piece, C-A forms in-depth narratives of wildlife scenes.

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      Family Photo 01

      Drawings - 92x122cmRent for $ 580/mo

      Bird Tree

      Drawings - 165x150cmRent for $ 235/mo

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      Drawings - 92x122cmRent for $ 535/mo


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      Silver Clawed Crab

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      Texas Horned Lizard (Original Charcoal Drawing)

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