Photorealism Drawings For Sale

Combining expert technique and expressive style, our selection of photorealism drawings for sale has something for everyone. Artists who practise a photorealistic style begin by studying a photograph and attempt to recreate this in the most realistic style possible. If you’d like to buy photorealism drawings, then you’re sure to find the piece for you here. For some inspiration, why not browse our Photorealism Paintings or Photorealism Prints.…

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Combining a mastery of the medium and an expressive style, Fatola Israel creates astounding photorealism drawings that you’ll struggle to distinguish from photographs. Through his work, Israel deals with diverse themes that focus around the struggles of humans living in modern society.

Ever since the advent of photography in the 19th Century, artists have been using photographs as reference material for their work. However, this has often been viewed as a form of ‘cheating’, and artists have been unwilling to reveal their dependency on photographs. The photorealism movement takes a different approach, explicitly acknowledging their use of photography as a reference material and attempting to recreate these photographs in as faithful a style as possible.

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