Animal Drawings For Sale

Discover animal drawings for sale online today. Our collection of animal drawings is available to buy or rent, and showcases a wide range of styles and subjects, from surrealist works to figurative drawings.

About the artists

A good place to start is with Antonia Barclay, whose traditional training in portraiture has inspired a range of classically crafted animal portraits. A distinguishing feature of Antonia’s originals is how she skillfully injects a drop of humour into all her pieces. You can’t help but crack a smile at each one! Take a look at Seahorse 2 for yourself.

Gek Ching Leo is another top-rated artist featured on Rise Art. The Singaporean artist explores the hybridism of animals and nature. Through her imaginative and intricate merging of animal and habitat, the artist expresses a deep concern for the ecological environment.

History of Animal Drawings

Animal drawings capture the life of animals in a variety of styles and mediums. Throughout history, animals have been the subjects for many communities and distinguished artists. During the Stone Age, caves were covered in animal drawings to tell old tribal tales; Ancient Egyptian artists presented many of their holy gods with animal heads; artists from the Middle Ages depicted animals as beasts and demons in order to express the struggle of the dark ages.

Today, drawing animals continues to be a widespread cultural and artistic phenomenon. From granny’s noble steed above the fireplace, disneyfied animals in family films to loveable litters in advertising campaigns used to boost a brands likeability, animal drawings suffuse the contemporary art sphere.

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      And ain't I a woman?

      Drawings - 42x60cmRent for £ 98/mo


      Drawings - 90x70cm

      Blown Away

      Drawings - 40x71cm

      Birds that sing at night

      Drawings - 26x51cmRent for £ 54/mo


      Drawings - 70x70cmRent for £ 67/mo


      Drawings - 50x65cm

      fold 2

      Drawings - 20x15cmRent for £ 39/mo

      Beached Whale

      Drawings - 35x65cm

      Whaleboat 1

      Drawings - 25x36cm

      Whaleboat 2

      Drawings - 25x36cm


      Drawings - 69x56cm

      Lethargic Cat

      Drawings - 132x46cmRent for £ 413/mo


      Drawings - 69x56cm


      Drawings - 42x21cmRent for £ 48/mo

      Lachrimae IV

      Drawings - 91x63cm

      Hairy Lion

      Drawings - 154x57cmRent for £ 282/mo

      Heading Away

      Drawings - 48x72cmRent for £ 149/mo


      Drawings - 70x58cm


      Drawings - 20x15cmRent for £ 39/mo

      Salient Wolf

      Drawings - 169x61cmRent for £ 443/mo

      Walking the dogs

      Drawings - 100x120cmRent for £ 700/mo


      Drawings - 126x50cmRent for £ 440/mo

      Wonder Cat

      Drawings - 158x47cmRent for £ 282/mo