Louise Fritsch


Most of his works are focused on the representation of humans, passing through anamorphoses, metamorphoses, in ricochet with baroque style, renaissance genius and contemporaneity. A line can hide another, appear, disappear, show ... the invisible. His influences: Bigot trophime, Artemisia Gentileschi, Mathias Grünewald, Michelangelo, Le Corbusier ...

Selected Works

Plus fort ! 665-24 by Louise Fritsch

Plus fort ! 665-24

Paintings - 50x40 cm
Vol de nuit vers la lumière by Louise Fritsch

Vol de nuit vers la lumière

Paintings - 57x130 cm
Clin d’œil à Michel-Ange by Louise Fritsch

Clin d’œil à Michel-Ange

Paintings - 60x220 cm
Gnos dloc eht by Louise Fritsch

Gnos dloc eht

Paintings - 130x194 cm
Sainte-Gribouille by Louise Fritsch


Drawings - 40x30 cm
Va vers toi 2012-312 by Louise Fritsch

Va vers toi 2012-312

Paintings - 60x146 cm
Rappelle-toi du soleil 2020-662 by Louise Fritsch
L'exil des songes-166 by Louise Fritsch

L'exil des songes-166

Paintings - 186x143 cm
Vers les rives 2022-683 by Louise Fritsch

Vers les rives 2022-683

Paintings - 53x43 cm
Maelström 2022-624 by Louise Fritsch

Maelström 2022-624

Paintings - 32x32 cm

Gnos dloc eht 2013-371

Paintings - 100x360 cm

Adn 280-2007

Drawings - 41x27 cm

Au delà du regard 670-2021

Paintings - 50x50 cm

Opus incertum 2019-655

Paintings - 45x64 cm

Opus incertum 2019-659

Paintings - 45x64 cm

Opus incertum 2019-656

Paintings - 45x64 cm

Opus incertum 2019-654

Paintings - 45x64 cm

Noyés dans l'absurde 2008-284

Paintings - 120x92 cm

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