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Sentinel of the Woods (Print)

Edition of 1940.0 x 49.5 cm?
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Chao Wang

Originally from Hangzhou just south of Shanghai, Chao Wang is a Chinese artist who now works from New York. Her brand of mixed media painting is characterised by the presence of both organic and artificial elements, in a fusion that explores the human relationship with technology. Chao Wang is interested in how we interact with an increasingly technological society, exploring this through intriguing motifs such as cogs and machinery alongside more biological entities that appear similar to viruses. Her surrealist paintings depict an unusual world, using images from the past and present to convey her image of the world in the future.

Chao Wang’s Career

Chao Wang is in the early stages of her career, having just graduated from the prestigious Pratt School in 2020. Nevertheless, she has already exhibited in a number of group shows across New York City and in nearby Richmond. Her practice encompasses a variety of different mediums, building upon her oil paintings with textured materials to create her surrealist world.


Chao Wang has already achieved recognition in the artistic capital of the US, featuring in a number of group shows across New York City. Her paintings have been exhibited in the Greenpoint Gallery and the Artosina Gallery, as well as in the IN 115th Annual Exhibition in Richmond.

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