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Tomas Cambas

Tomás started experimenting with photography at the age of eight, particularly paying attention to cityscapes and wanting to share what he was seeing; the media chosen became evident
Admiring masters like Lee Friedlander, Cartier Bresson, Robert Frank, he started with analogue photographs in black and white, working steadily in his dark room cropping and retouching.
As time passed he realized that his search was definitely directed to geometry
Having other references as Laszlo Moholy Nagy, Alexander Rodtchenko, Albert Renger, Bern & Hilla Becher, with Russian Constructivism, Tomás finally found his own language and switched to a Rolleiflex camera, which implies a whole new philosophy and his photographs started to have another time, a turning point.

The square shape took over changing format, colour, a radical and satisfactory change.

Influenced by Hegel, Kant, Luigi Pareyson and his Teoria della formativitá, (Tomás is at present studying at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature), his work constantly struggles between shape, media and content, between the fact that they are dissociable and associable, between the subject and the process. .

Having been selected several times for national public and private contests, Tomás Cambas is a most promising artist given his talent, his constant search, dedication and youth.

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