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5 Top Pattern Play Pieces

Choosing art with bold patterns is a great way to bring energy, movement and style to an interior. Lori Zimmer picks out her top 5 Rise Art pieces that play with pattern.

By Lori Zimmer

In fashion it’s power clashing, in art it’s pattern play. Choosing art with bold patterns is a great way to bring energy, movement and style to an interior - without design commitment. Don’t be afraid to mix things up with contrasting shapes, textures and colors for an eclectic collection.


1. White Shade of Pink by Alexandra Gallagher


White Shade of Pink by Alexandra Gallagher


An intermingling of fresh pink flowers, lavender dots and rectilinear black and white lines never seemed so right. Though contrasting, these elements harmonise together in Alex’s print, balancing out the femininity of her floral collage with the harder, more masculine edges of geometry.


2. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. by Sam Walker


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. by Sam Walker


The use of pattern sets a Romantic tone in Sam Walker’s lovely original painting. Two Victorian hands, sourced from scrapbooking elements, grasp sumptuous flowers over a rich, royal blue background that brings exotic architectural patterns to mind. The oil painting brings the tradition of collage to a whole new level, with lurid color and detail.


3. Hungerford Bridge by Clare Halifax


Hungerford Bridge by Clare Halifax


Get your cityscape fix with a twist... Clare Halifax’s print combines the charm of urban illustration with its subdued blue hue and a hand-placed diamond pattern. Colour and pattern are important to Clare. They animate the artist’s renderings of her native London.


4. Asiatic by Hush


Asiatic by Hush


Legendary street artist Hush is known for meshing delicate imagery of Japanese geishas with strips of bold patterns, often using gilded paints to illuminate his figures. His canvases are even more impressive than his street pieces, with their multiple layers and textures that create depth and accentuate the sensuality of his figures. This piece is an affordable artist’s proof print - an easy way to add this heavy hitter to your collection.


5. Sunrise by Alexander Grigorev


Sunrise by Alexander Grigorev


Pattern is not just limited to painted works and collage, but can take on a new dimension with sculpture. This piece by Alexander Grigorev, although a wall hanging, uses negative space to form its sinuous pattern, allowing a collector to change the work’s context and feeling depending on where they choose to hang it. The piece’s wood grain offers an additional texture that  emphasizes movement inside the circular plane.




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