Patterned Pieces

Rebecca Gordon

Curated by Rebecca Gordon

Explore our Patterned Pieces collection. This edit contains a plethora of deftly-designed and decorative pieces for sale, hand-selected by our in-house curators. From geometric to colour field, and botanical illustrations to lino cityscapes, discover the perfect patterned art for your home or collection today.

Floral Patterns

Kristjana Williams fashions imaginative illustrative prints. Her kaleidoscopic butterfly prints like Inis seem to flutter and fly before your eyes, lending themselves well to spaces that need a little animation.

For more classical designs, Simon M Smith paints elegant floral works reminiscent of William Morris but with a twist. Pink and Gold, though highly decorative with golden embellishments and striking pink petals, sustains a certain gentility and fairy-tale-like quality.

Urban & Street Art

German Street Artist KEF! creates unexpected yet exciting displays of graffiti and harmonious, organic motifs. The artist blends eastern philosophical influences and scenes from urban and metropolitan culture. Patterned paintings on offer such as Vibration of Salvation 5 surprise and mesmerise with their free-flowing forms and swirling shapes.

Patterned Portraits

Maria Magenta investigates the tension between the animate and inanimate in her realistic portraits. Sentimental paintings such as On The Patchwork Quilt, oil on canvas, demonstrate an exquisite manipulation of perspective and space with arousing colours and hazy textile-like geometric patterns.

For a fresh take on illustration and graphic design, consider Ellie Vandoorne’s sprightly portraits of eye-catching female figures - to which many a private and corporate collector have flocked. In Peacock Girl, Ellie incorporates sophisticated floral and feather motifs.


Expressionistic mixed-media paintings by Anne Marie LePretre feature matrices of glazing, gold leaf and assorted cut-outs. Anne Marie’s collages of organised chaos add character to their surroundings. Poissons experiments with blue hues and delicate lines. Glazed lattices produce a shimmering scale-like effect; perfect for buyers seeking affordable grid-like prints.

Abstract Geometric Patterns

Olivia Peake stands out for her architecture-inspired paintings. Vanilla Concrete shows sharp-edged shapes overlaid with soft, pastel hues. Offsetting striking shards and angles against warm, inviting colours makes for a unique statement piece.

Sets and Series

Looking to complete a set for a gallery wall? Crisscrossing collages by Slavomir Zombek work excellently displayed as an organised network of prints. Minimalistic in style and contextually complex, Slavomir’s works, such as The Composition B08, evoke calm and simultaneously suggest order and control.

Hetty Haxworth is concerned with spatial relationships. For fans of clean, geometric patterns, expressively structured screenprints like Hinterland should appease the senses. Blocks of bold colour and organised shapes make for perfect additions to feature walls.

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