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Does Size Matter?

When choosing art, does size really matter? Of course it does, size always matters! But we believe that every size has its place, and when it comes to an artwork, be it small, medium or large, no piece should ever be overlooked for its size. Check out our guide on our favourite pieces in every size category, set to suit all budgets!

By Rise Art

When it comes to art, does size really matter? Of course it does, size always matters! But we believe that every size has its place, and when it comes to an artwork, be it small, medium or large, no piece should ever be overlooked for its size. So we’ve put together a guide on our favourite pieces in every size category, to suit all your small, medium or big budgets, and the reasons why we think you should never be afraid to take the plunge just because of size.

Small and Mighty

Petite artworks have the ability to really draw the eye, naturally demanding even more attention and concentration than a big statement piece, with layers of intricate details and reasons to get close to the work. You have to stop and take a look to appreciate the full value of a small piece, just walking by is not an option.

Under £200


Anne Marie Lepretre

Why not pick one small piece you love and make it the feature of the room by getting inventive with your framing? Got more space to fill? Take advantage of the intimacy of a room like the bedroom and be indulgent when you choose your art, with small reminders of memories and moments. Place a series of smaller works above the bed to make the space your own, or sit small framed works on side tables for some extra oomph and a different approach.

Under £300


Cecilia Danell

Got a bit more of a budget? Create a salon wall ensemble in the study or living room to add a creative energy to the space. Smaller artworks are also great for long, elegant hallways and when staggered up the staircase. When dealing with a lot of small works remember to hang everything from the same centre point to create symmetry and keep all the works feeling tidy and aligned. And remember that the delicate and graceful quality of petite works means that small really is beautiful!

Under £500

Only Dots 2

Lucie Jirku

Top Tip

Make the most of your small works with impactful framing - a box frame or float mounted will give the work room to breathe and stand out on its own in the room while really owning the wall space.


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The Happy Medium

Investing in medium sized artworks can sometimes seem like the safe option, but we know that although styling with a piece this size isn’t always easy, when it's done right it's always rewarding. Medium artworks are perfect for the functional space of the kitchen – not too large and overpowering, but won’t be overlooked within the hub of the house.

Under £200

West Park #23

Tim Crooks

Hanging elsewhere? Two identically framed and sized artworks, or a canvas diptych, can look impressive when placed above a fireplace, a bed headboard or a couch, creating a sense of symmetry and a mirrored effect that will expand the space too. Mid sized works give buyers with more compact living space the opportunity to bring the power of a painting into their home in a more manageable way.

Under £300

Blue Afternoon (After Hugo Grenville)

Lisa Takahashi

Here’s your chance to go for an abstract, minimalist, landscape or urban style without going overboard on size. An artist will often put a lot of love and care into the smaller studies that lead to bigger works, meaning quality in this size range can be at an all time high.

Under £500

Complex IV

Helen Shulkin

Top tip

Give your art some breathing room. Let a medium sized work hold its own, or in a pair, with plenty of space to stand out and demand the attention it deserves. By all means place big and small works around it to fill a space and elevate the work, but don’t let it fade away!




Larger Than Life

So you’ve got the space to fill and you want to go big. Or maybe you don’t even think you have the space but you just have to have that one piece you’ve fallen in love with – and believe us, you will find a spot. The larger the artwork, the more difficult it can be to frame, but more often than not the piece will speak for itself without one.

Under £500

Facing the Elements

Alison Johnson

If it’s big, you have to love it, because you won’t be able to hide it, so above all, trust your instincts with a purchase like this. Don’t try and match or coordinate too much, as a big work will take on a life of its own no matter what, and will always be a focal point, but decide how much you want a piece to blend with your interiors or stand out and use that as the deciding factor.

Under £700

Ocean Flow

Paresh Nrshinga

Choosing something suited more to your personal taste? Place it in the bedroom to inspire you every morning. Sticking to abstracts, vivid colours, landscapes or geometric works? Hang it in the living room, or within the entranceway to really wow your guests and make a big impression. Statement pieces are a great investment, but big artworks don’t always have to break the bank. We’ve chosen 4 of our favourite large-scale artworks all under £1000, but you can always go as high as you like, the sky is the limit!

Under £1000

Light Speed

Iidu Tikkanen

Interrupted Landscape

Edina Gulyas

Top Tip

Don’t be afraid to hang large works in small spaces to give a greater illusion of space. Fill a wall and go for the unlikely, you will be surprised where big works will fit and look great. We always say the bigger the better!



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