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How To Get the Most Out of Your Gift Card

It's a tricky thing, choosing art. Let us help you decide how to use that £500 gift card most effectively.

By Rise Art

It's a tricky thing, choosing art. Let us help you decide how to use that £500 gift card most efficiently.

Living Room & My Mistake
Kristin Gaudio-Endsley

Kristin Gaudio-Endsley's Living Room, and My Mistake, purchased as a pair will fit snugly inside your £500 gift card. Both sized at 56cm x 76cm it's quite a deal for two large pieces that will tie any room together while adding a bit of colour at the same time.

The Ocelot
Daisy Clarke

Should you purchase this pair, you'll find yourself with an extra £50 which you might use to either rent another artwork, or to contribute to another you wish to buy.

Inspriation for continuing your collection can be found in The Ocelot - the first painting by Daisy Clarke that we have had the honor of selling on our website. The clean lines and elegance of this image make it a perfect piece to set the mood in a living-room or bedroom, and is certainly a piece I would like to own myself.

The Making of Hermann in the Tuetobourgh Forest After John Charles, The Wood Bird
Tannenberg the Teutonic Foxes, The Visigoth Wild Hunt After Peter Nicola Arbo
Alexander Heaton

This four piece combination of works by Alexander Heaton is a steal. With each piece priced at £120, you'll still have £20 left over for whatever you deem worthy. These large pieces all measure 60cm x 85cm, and whether you wish to hang them in a row, or in a grid, this is an excellent and affordable way to fill up a large blank wall. I can see these pieces hanging in the dining room, above the couch, or in the hallway.

Suit & Midpoint
Dan Hillier

If you don't know Dan Hillier, these artworks may yet look familiar as he desinged the artwork for the Royal Blood album cover. With that in mind, here's your chance to own two of Dan Hillier's original works for only £400, thus giving you an extra £100 to find another artwork.  If you know someone who is a fan of the Royal Bloods this would make an excellent gift.

Fluid Painting 86
Mark Chadwick

I am a huge fan or Mark Chadwick's Fluid Paintings. We have one here in the office that I pass by everyday and it's gorgeous. Literally, a piece into which you can stare and stare. This particular piece is one of his larger paintings, sizing at 46cm x 66cm. It commands inspiration, so if you have an office, or lounge area, this canvas would be perfect.

Twisted Oak, Blue Fir & Bacton Woods
Claire Cansick

Caire Cansick's Bacton Woods is another personal favourite of mine.  As I looked through her artist page, I came to realise what a beautiful collection she was creating. Vibrant yet natural, purchasing these three pieces for £425 is such a snag as it still leaves you with £75 to play with. These pieces would be stunning in the bedroom or living-room, or possibly leading out to the garden.

The Colloseum & Colston Tower
Anna Marrow

These two 56cm x 76cm screenprints by Anna Marrow utilise your £500 nicely. They're large and use the same colour combination, so its the ideal set to tie both ends of a room together. Since they both have such neutral tones, they can match with almost any form of furniture you already have set in place.

West End Sunset I, II & III
Andrea Tyrimos

Ideal for the modern apartment, Andrea Tyrimos' West End Sunset series is a beautiful oil on canvas time-lapse. To get all of them in one gift card is luck incarnate. Hurry with getting the three, because I expect they'll go soon.

Hetty Haxworth

This abstract screenprint by Hetty Haxworth is based on organic forms - the exploration of the lines and textures on rock and stone. By simplifying the composition, with colour as the principle element, Haxworth looked to create a rhythmic quality within each print. At such a large scale of 71cm x 94cm it's the perfect piece to fill in that awkward black space in your modern living-room.

Eleven & Guilt
Carne Griffiths

Eleven sizes at 49cm x 90cm, while Guilt sizes at 38cm x 56cm. For those that have a darker more fantastical side, here is an oppertunity to expess it on your walls. Carne Griffiths works always have had such a beautiful demure with a bit of malice. A vision that almost transports you to an older world, one possibly wedged in-between old novels. These are great pieces to have in one's library or creative space.


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