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Guest Curator | The Design Hunter

Welcome to The Design Hunter collection, an array of beautifully balanced works that celebrate simplicity. Designer and blogger Helen Powell has curated a seamless selection of works that reflect her own love of understated luxury and enduring modern design. From original paintings to abstract photographs, Helen breathes new life into monotone minimalism, and you'll find an artwork for every space and taste within her collection.


Curated by Rise Art

September Curator's Picks

The Rise Art curators Rebecca Gordon and Nat Rubinstein have put together a selection of artworks from our finest emerging and established artists. A curated feed of new and noteworthy artworks - fresh every two weeks, just for you!

Curated by Nat Rubinstein

Guest Curator | Interior Style Hunter

Welcome to the Interior Style Hunter collection, where Grant Pierrus, the expert behind the legendary interiors bog, shares his wish list of must-have artworks for an elegant home. There is nobody in the business more knowledgeable and passionate about distilling confidence into their audience to be able to create beautiful spaces for themselves. With a true sense of democratization Grant believes that everybody should have access to good design, and below he shares his curated collection of Rise Art favourites for artworks to compliment any interior décor style. Head over to the blog to find out more about his personal art and interiors style and read his top tips for bringing art into your home.


Curated by Rise Art

Artists to Watch in 2021

We've curated a selection of artists to keep your eye on in 2021. Whether they're brand new onto the market, or stars we've loved for a while, you can expect to see big things from these artists this year. Oleksandr Balbyshew pastiches contemporary art's Big Hitters, reworking recognisable motifs and adding his distinctive twist. Adam Robinson's stamp collages would brighten up any interior. Their chic design and bright colours make them the perfect statement piece for the beginning of your collection. Michele Petrelli's portraits feel ethereal and draw us in to her subject's piercing gazes. The artist balances strength and vulnerability perfectly in her depictions of womanhood. Shinoid creates intricate, biomorphic abstract works which are striking yet mysterious. These paintings give off an electric buzz, catching our eye with flashes of colour and dancing movements.

Curated by Verity Babbs

Art for Every Bedroom

The bedroom is undoubtedly the most personal space in your home. It should reflect your style, your taste, your vibe and your personality… but it also needs to strike the right tone, match your lifestyle and show who you are. What do you want your bedroom to say about you, and what kind of space do you want to create for yourself, or yourself and your partner? When it comes to expressing individuality we think there’s no better way to articulate these sentiments than with the right kind of artwork, so browse our curated collection and get inspired! - http://bit.ly/2agRVFT


Curated by Rise Art