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Our Autumnal artworks collection showcases a range of willowy and wild artwork inspired by the season. Take a peek at pieces that warm the heart and stir the soul by emerging and established artists. Choose from a range of mesmerising paintings, prints, collages and more as powerful and alluring as the harvest moon.

Simon M Smith designs delicate and detailed floral works. There's a certain gentility to Simon's decorative botanical paintings. Mixed-media paintings such as Brocade are admirably detailed and would make a charming addition to sophisticated interiors.

Belgian painter Pol Ledent stands out for his expressionistic landscape paintings. The artist meticulously selects his palette and employs free, sweeping brush strokes. The result: breathtaking multi-textural works that jump from the canvas. Luminous impressionistic paintings such as Pol's Autumn in Houroy do not simply reproduce the landscape; they take you there.

For autumn-inspired photography, hand-printed works by Paris Ackrill honour the natural landscape and its spiritual qualities. Her immersive works explore the connection between human and nature, seamlessly and soulfully integrating human figures into forests and fields and capturing their joy and sense of belonging. Paris’ imagery almost seems to blush, completing her works with a romantic rose gold sheen. For warming autumnal art, consider figurative landscape shots like Autumn Fae.

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