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      The Scandi Collection


      Curated by Rise Art

      Get to know the cool, minimal style of northern Europe when you browse our Scandi artwork collection. The popularity of Scandinavian design has exploded in recent years, with many artists adopting the clean, understated look and soft pastel palettes used in these countries. Here, you’ll find the work of artists who have drawn inspiration from this movement, working with everything from painting to collage. The collection is ideal for anyone who finds beauty in simplicity, and for all those looking to add some Nordic style to their art collection.

      What we have come to understand as Scandinavian design originates in the early 20th Century. Between the two world wars, an increasing focus on simple lines and a refined elegance can be found in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian design, and this characteristic style continues to the modern day. One of the key elements of Scandinavian design is functionality, and this can be observed in the visual arts too. These artworks convey a message in a straight-forward and effective way, without resorting to excessive embellishment.

      Scandinavian design is often referred to as democratic, given that it aims to appeal to all with its simple look and a focus on accessible, affordable products. This focus on accessibility and universal appeal can undoubtedly be linked to the political climate of these liberal countries. As Scandinavia began to modernise, they aimed to create art and design that was engaging and attractive to all of their citizens, rather than gearing it towards an elite group of society.

      Look no further if you’re keen to buy Scandinavian inspired art. We’ve brought together some of the best contemporary artists working in this minimal style. Make use of our search filters to narrow down artworks according to your preferences and budget, and find the perfect piece to add to your collection today.

      Matt Jukes is an Australian artist who creates mono prints in a simple yet powerful style. Focusing primarily on landscapes, Matt abstracts away from the familiar and instead focuses on the lines that his subject is composed of. Each piece has a kind of misty, nostalgic quality that is reminiscent of the chilly climates of northern Europe. Despite the understated nature of his work, Matt still manages to create that art that is incredibly evocative and emotional.

      Photographer Read Hearne adopts the clean lines and visual simplicity of Scandinavian style while injecting his own vibrant colour palette. His photographs are largely abstract, obscuring the true nature of the subject and instead focusing on colour and form. The result is exciting artwork that makes a huge impact with its inherent geometry, patterns and sense of motion.

      For those looking for truly minimal art, we recommend taking a look at Stephen Whatcott. This British artist is unafraid to work with an entirely monochrome palette, eschewing colour in his aim to explore different textures and compositions. With this direct and unadorned style, Stephen challenges our expectations of what art should be. Although his style is incredibly simple and there is no discernible subject, these pieces are visually interesting and emotionally raw.

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