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Discover new artistic cultures and style with our Art from the East collection, showcasing some of Asia’s best contemporary artists. This diverse continent has a huge array of different cultures that are beautifully translated through their artworks. From the effortless and minimalist style of Japan to the more eclectic and colourful pieces from India, there’s something to suit all tastes. Take your pick from photography that will give you some serious wanderlust to paintings and prints that stand out from the rest.

As the world’s largest continent and with approximately half of the global population, it’s impossible to make generalisations about this vast region. China has certainly had a huge influence in East Asian art, where you’ll find a prevalence of traditional calligraphy and the noticeable impact of the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius as a uniting force. South Asian art tends to incorporate a bright palette of colours, and Indian art, in particular, has been strongly influenced by Hinduism, with the religion’s many gods often to be found in these pieces.

Get to know the beautifully understated style of contemporary Japanese art with Mizue Yoshimura. This painter was born in Fukuoka, Japan, but now lives and works in London. Drawing inspiration from the natural world around her, Yoshimura explores the rhythms of nature and the ineffable qualities of light and water in her paintings. Her [minimalistic paintings[( appear simple at first sight, but there are depth and complexity to these canvases that portray concentric circles and patterns that appear like biological forms. She also uses interesting and experimental techniques in her work, building up layers of acrylic paint and chiselling into them to create texture and depth.

Yurim Gough is a South Korean artist who relocated to the UK in 2007. Her art expresses a playful and experimental style, and she takes a unique approach to her creative practice. Her pieces are mainly hand-fired ceramic bowls that have been drawn upon with a ceramic pencil, depicting mainly portraits and nudes. She uses a sketchy and vibrant style that expertly communicates the model’s emotion and personality, bringing each piece to life.

Taiwanese artist Lee Yuan Ching brings traditional techniques into the 21st Century, and he uses primarily ink and watercolour in his practice. Lee began his artistic journey by studying traditional calligraphy with this father, and he has since translated this into his own contemporary works. His approach and materials give his work a fluid and liquid feel, with colours and forms that blend effortlessly into one another.

Travel photographer Andrew Lever will take you on a journey with his beautiful shots, capturing everything from jungle palms to Sri Lankan Elephants in his work. While he takes photos in diverse locations across the world, many of his photographs showcase the natural beauty of the Asian continent. We love his use of colour – Andrew often applies a sepia filter to these photographs, creating a captivating sense of nostalgia and times gone by.

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