Lee Yuan Ching

Lee Yuan Ching is an established Taiwanese artist, who works predominately in watercolour and ink
Lee continually reevaluates the traditional ink painting producing traditionally influenced yet uniquely modern pieces
Lee's work explores the notions of the 'true self' to produce highly emotive artworks

Lee Yuan Ching is a Taiwanese artist who works predominantly in watercolour and ink. His fluid, abstract paintings are nothing less than mesmerising. We love the artist’s unique blend of ink and paint, which gives his canvases an absorbing, liquid-like appearance.

Lee learned the art of calligraphy from his father at a young age. He went on to study traditional Chinese painting techniques and began to establish his own contemporary approach.

Since his early twenties, Lee’s paintings and calligraphy have been shown extensively across Asia. He has won a number of awards in Taiwan over the course of his career.

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