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Californian Art

Phin Jennings

Curated by Phin Jennings

The Californian Art collection celebrates the artists, scenery and inspirations of America’s ‘Golden State’. Featuring sprawling landscape photography, large scale abstracts and vibrant figurative work, the collection was curated to celebrate the art of Californian artists on the platform. Discover more works from American artists in our New from America collection.

California’s Art History

California has been home to many pivotal post-war art movements in the last century. From elements of Dada making its way over to the west coast to LA-based Surrealism, California has long become the destination for eclectic modern and contemporary artistic styles.

David Hockney is perhaps the most obvious artist to be associated with California. Many of his more recognisable paintings and digital drawings respond to Californian living. Hockney first visited Los Angeles in the 1960s and over the space of ten years, produced many paintings depicting poolside scenes. Browse contemporary artworks inspired by Hockney’s style in our David Hockney collection.

Featured Artists

Monica Griffen is a multidisciplinary artist living in LA. Working primarily in ​​photography, Monica’s works respond to the wide range of California’s natural landscapes. Her ‘In the Wild series documents a series of well-known places and the feelings inspired by each one. Dave Smith is also based in Los Angeles. His surrealist paintings are executed in a hyper-realistic style and draw together identifiable Californian vistas with seemingly random objects such as pizzas, shoes, power drills and fortune cookies. Both Monica and Dave, along with many other artists included in the collection, form artworks that reflect their unique impressions of California

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