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      Art for the Adventurous

      Phin Jennings

      Curated by Phin Jennings

      Our Lead Curator has put together a collection of paintings, prints and photographs that offer original works of art for the adventurous art collector. Browse the collection and discover art to buy online.

      Daring Art

      There was once a time when hanging a painting of a far off landscape or city in your home was a sign of the utmost adventurousness. As time went on and this kind of art became triter, abstract art - work that formally represents a journey into the unknown and immaterial - became thought of as the adventurous choice. Today, in an art world where neither exoticism nor abstraction are thought of as radical in and of themselves, what can we describe as adventurous?

      Featured Artists

      Each of the works in this collection takes the viewer somewhere truly unexpected both in terms of their everyday experience and in terms of art. This may - as in Barbara Kuebel's Running Babies or Kate McCrickard's Monkey Artist - be by placing familiar subjects into puzzling situations. It may also be by creating entirely new worlds which relate to our own just enough to allow us to understand how different they are, as Delphine Lebourgeois does in Spring Quarantine.

      Finally, some of the works in this collection are radical in their form, rather than their content. Will Claridge smears acrylic paint across a photograph, Philip Maltman's canvas is occupied principally by its eponymous "Accident" and Tabitha Soren photographs an iPad screen, allowing the fingerprints on it to become part of the image it displays. In all of these cases and more below, there is a sense of adventure in subverting and distorting our expectations of the artist's medium.

      Discover our Statement Pieces collection.

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