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Pattern Art


Curated by Sophie Heatley

Browse a curated collection of pattern art for sale online. Explore original prints, paintings and photography and discover contemporary patterned artworks to buy today.

Abstract and Patterned Art

Patterns have existed in paintings and sculpture for hundreds of years, but it has only been in more recent times that patterned motifs have formed the subject of artworks. From Esher’s graphic mathematical woodcuts, to Yayoi Kusama’s abstract installations and Damien Hirst’s spot paintings, patterns have become a key feature in contemporary art.

Featured Artists

Kevin Jackson makes mixed media paintings that explore our relationship with an increasingly digital world. His geometric abstract style responds to elements of the virtual world. Sabrina Brouwers follows the principles of contemporary design when forming her abstract paintings. Her works have a distinct mathematical feel to them, as they consist of circular shapes and outlines layered amongst one another.

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