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Looking for geometric wall art for sale? Our collection brings together geometric prints, paintings and sculpture to offer something for every collector. Explore our curated collection of Geometric Wall Art and find original art to buy online, or discover our full range of geometric artworks here.

Geometry & Abstraction

Geometric wall art has its origins in Islamic art, following the prohibition of religious figures being portrayed in art. Since then, it has evolved into its own style in modern and contemporary art. Geometric art has links to pivotal 20th century art movements, including Cubism, Art Deco, Abstraction and Minimalism.

Featured Artists

British artist Sarah Emily Porter creates abstract installations that explore colour and compositional arrangements. Sarah follows a hands-on approach and makes her work by pouring and tilting, and repeating the process. Sam Smyth also works in a geometric abstract style, and in a similar way to Sarah, he removes any trace of the human hand from his practice. Sam’s paintings have a graphic quality to them, and although they are made up of defined shapes and forms, there is a subtle depth that exists within each of his works.

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