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Curated by Cecile Martet

Looking to find contemporary Asian art for sale? Our new collection has been expertly curated to introduce you to leading Asian artists and help you find original art to buy online. Discover paintings, photography and prints from artists working throughout Asia and around the world/

The Collection

The new Asian Art collection showcases a range of artworks by emerging artists, spanning from Japanese painters, to Korean photographers. Some pieces in the collection look at different identities and cultures, while others comment on traditional Asian subjects and making processes, such intricate landscapes, botanical works and the woodcut printing technique.

Featured Artists

Fu Liang works in mixed media to create his conceptual and often surreal paintings. Using watercolours and oils, he achieves a haziness to his works, adding to the mysterious nature of the subject matter. Ziesook You creates unique portraits that examine to relationship between humans and nature. Her botanical photographs capture floral arrangements, each adhering to their own colour scheme.

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