New Arrivals

Curated by Phin Jennings

This collection, showcasing my pick of the latest work available on Rise Art, seems to take on a new significance given the situation that we find ourselves in at the moment.

We look at everything in the context of the world around us, a fact
that may apply to artworks more than anything else. Through the lens of COVID-19 worries, social distancing and general uncertainty, the paintings by Georgia Peskett, Tracey White Fitzgerald and Christopher Witchall featuring empty spaces seem more eerie. Conversely, Angela Edwards and Denise Dalzell's depictions of crowds are equally anxiety-inducing for different reasons.

Art can also be a great source of hope during troubled times. Many of these works bring us back to the beauty and order of the natural world, something that many of us appreciate now more than ever. Andrew Lever's Waterworld 5 invokes Wolfgang Tillmans, creating a sense of peace and serenity, whilst works by Renata Fernandez, Hermione Carline, Luca Grechi and Maria Magenta all seem to reference the fertility and life associated with Spring.

I'm also proud to showcase some new artists to the platform, including Adam Dant, Barry Wilson, Mitsushige Nishiwaki and Habib Hajallie.
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