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Swedish Artists

Discover contemporary Swedish artists. Showcasing work by some of the most celebrated names in Swedish art, our collection is ever-evolving with original new work. Whether you’re on the lookout for a patterned mixed media painting or you’re searching for a textural collage, our artists work across a variety of mediums to produce a diverse selection of art for you to choose from.

One Swedish artist who’s making waves through her use of material and composition is Charlotte Jonerheim. Her considered approach and careful arrangement of mixed media collages makes for serene and contemplative works of art. Working largely with everyday materials, Charlotte transforms the banal and reinvents throwaway materials as abstract artworks. Charlotte’s unique collages have a clear sense of depth to them, in which she layers translucent materials on top of one another to reveal what lies below.

Swedish-American artist Eric Wall also explores texture and gives weight to the appearance and properties of materials. Eric’s abstract paintings explore themes of space and emptiness and are united in their patterned appearance. For the most part, Eric adheres to a dark palette, making for atmospheric and at times dramatic paintings. His small scale encourages a deeper look into the many surfaces that make up each piece. In a similar way to Charlotte Jonerheim, Eric layers his work and juxtaposes materials and mediums as a means of instilling a sense of distance in his subjects.

Interdisciplinary artist Marie Langhans works across ceramics, painting and drawing to create humorous, narrative-led works of art. Finding joy in her animal subjects, Marie combines a figurative approach with whimsical patterns to create a dynamic collection of ceramic sculptures.

About Swedish Artists

The Swedish have long been at the forefront of the visual arts, from the traditional landscapes of Marcus Larson to Carl Larsson’s influence in the Arts and Crafts movement. Innovators in approach and style, Swedish artists continue to push ahead in the contemporary art scene.

Today, Swedish artists and designers are known for their innovative design and refined aesthetic. In recent years, the minimal, functional and stylish appearance of Scandinavian design has a vast influence on furniture, pottery, architecture, interiors and beyond. Hailed for its endurance throughout the continuous stream of modern design movements Scandinavian design has taken hold in Europe and America.

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    Featured Artists
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    Mats Pehrson

    United States
    B. 1958

    Jonas Nemeth

    B. 1975

    Johan Soderstrom

    B. 1969

    Irene Gronwall

    B. 1952

    Marisol Evora

    B. 1976