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Nigerian Artists

Find Nigerian artists online. Explore a selection of new and exciting artists from Nigeria such as Àsìkò and Arinze Stanley, working with an assortment of mediums and styles encompassing Figurative painting, Surrealist photography and “neo-visual” Pop Art prints.

Àsìkò is a visual artist who specialises in photography. Born in London but having spent his formative years in Nigeria, his photography is occupied with themes of identity, culture and heritage, particularly focusing on the role of African women in society. Àsìkò’s female portraits such as metallic print Lehin are at once striking and subtle. The figures are adorned in majestic attire and jewellery, surrounded by blank space and tinted with sepia. The result is emotionally-charged visuals expressing culture through aesthetic.

Inspired by childhood memories of comic book characters, multidisciplinary artist Ibeabuchi Ananaba looks at the impact of contemporary life on the human experience. Ibeabuchi’s practice is experimental and often fuses traditional and non-traditional mediums such as fine art painting, graphic design and calligraphy in order to find new means to express artistic narratives. The aesthetic of his figurative paintings like Lagos Traffic (Men) and Borrow Pose 3, for example, has a touch of Futurist Boccioni, a dash of abstract expressionism and a drop of Ibeabuchi’s entirely unique approach to art.

Dennis Osadebe is widely recognised for his self-titled “neo-visual” style that is at once “modern, bright, expressive and provocative.” Dennis reimagines Africa and, more specifically, African art by combining digital with mixed-media painting and screen printing, such as in Keshi In Space. Also central to Osadebe’s new world narrative is the helmet, a recurrent yet ambiguous visual motif throughout his portfolio. The symbol suggests protection, anonymity and isolation in the face of modernity - it’s up to the viewer to decide which resonates with them most.

Stacey Okparavero creates abstract paintings such as her We The Kings Series, as well as works with watercolour, pastel, video art, bronze casting, sculpture, poetry and performance art. Stacey is interested in the process of storytelling, narrating, and documenting. Spirituality, deities and various African cultural iconography feature widely in her work too, particularly in the guise of the mask and African heads, all themes feeding into her love of African mythicism.

Nigerian Post-War artist Lateef Olajumoke has been making waves worldwide for his striking colour pencil drawings since he began his professional career in 2010. Lively pieces such as Childhood Fantasy are an expression of youth, joy and love. His works address education, childhood and societal issues in Nigeria.

Arinze Stanley is greatly admired for his hyperrealist pencil drawings. Predominantly using graphite pencil and charcoal on paper, his portraits are so detailed that they are often mistaken for photographs. The raw and unrivalled detail in his drawings capture the true essence of his subjects and forms a deep emotional connection between his work and the observer.

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    Damola Ayegbayo

    B. 1988

    Emmanuel Okoro

    United Kingdom
    B. 1972

    Joseph Idowu

    B. 1993

    Fatola Israel

    B. 1996