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      Contemporary Mexican Artists

      Discover some of the most exciting contemporary Mexican artists working today. Our online collection showcases a vast range of Mexican art for you to start exploring. With everything from paintings, to mixed media collage to sculptures on offer, each and every piece has been selected by us. Whether you’re after a Surrealist portrait or a rural landscape start browsing today and find the perfect new piece for your home.

      Geoff Diego Litherland

      Why not start your journey with the art of Geoff Diego Litherland. Geoff’s paintings range from mystical portraits to dark and dramatic landscapes. Working in oils, Geoff’s palette consists of earthy colours and rich tones to create paintings that have a sense of history and wistfulness to them. Taking influence from his own heritage, Geoff’s art portrays Mexican characters that connote issues of identity and colonialism. His figurative rural landscapes have a traditional look to them through their composition and stillness, yet Geoff purposefully interrupts these scenes of calm with images of other worlds and far flung vistas. Octagons are a constant motif in Geoff’s work, with some of his art taking a form of an octagon canvas. Geoff’s art is celebrated internationally and is featured in private and public collections worldwide.

      History of Mexican Art

      Mexican artists are able to draw from a background that is rich in history and vast in diversity. Synonymous with colour, energy and a strong sense of character, Mexican art has a unique and instantly recognisable aesthetic. Dating back to 1500 BC, the first Mexican artists lived in the early civilizations, such as the Azetcs, Olmens, Incans and Mayans. With the arrival of the Spanish and the colonial era, European religion was introduced and became integral to the narratives of Mexican artists. However, even with the introduction of European influences, Mexican art still maintained its identity and artists often adorned the borders of religious paintings with leaves, pineapples and corn.

      Following Mexico’s independence from Spain in the early 19th century, modern Mexican artists began to create art that marked a departure from colonial influence. Artists such as Rivera and Siquerios dealt with issues of humanity and independence. Perhaps the most celebrated in the history of Mexican art is Frida Kahlo. From her self portraiture, to her iconised sense of style, to the romance and heartbreak of her relationship with Rivera, Kahlo stands as one of the most famous and influential female artists in history.

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        Featured Artists
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        Javiera Estrada

        United States
        B. 1981

        Alexis Portilla

        United States
        B. 1965

        Geoff Diego Litherland

        United Kingdom
        B. 1979