Irish Artists

Discover Irish artists online. From Fintan Whelan to Tracey White Fitzgerald, explore a selection of hand-selected artists from Ireland skilled in a diverse range of styles including Expressionism, Abstract and Impressionism.

Guided by his fascination with ancient frescos and renaissance paintings, Expressionist painter Eamonn O Callaghan has forged his own visual language. His work explores themes of place and memory. Reflecting how memories linger or fade, human forms transcend or dissolve into or out of his canvases such as is seen in the portrait Submerged, oil on canvas.

Painter Tracey White Fitzgerald creates Still Life series of the mundane, usually uncelebrated spaces of our everyday lives. With mid-century patterns alongside a 60s flavoured palette of warm golds, yellows and oranges, Tracey presents typically muted domestic scenes as cosy and inviting. For example, Cast A Light, acrylic, oil bar, copper leaf on linen.

Sketchy impressionistic paintings by Marion McConaghie have attracted the attention of many critics for their unique blend of dynamic fervour and delicate subject matter. Expressive animal prints such as Bluebird demonstrate Marion’s preoccupation with natural history, freedom and movement, often depicted with liberated yet graceful charcoal, pencil and paintbrush strokes.

Both neo-impressionist and pointillist in style, paintings by Chris Quinlan are a mélange optique of rich colour and bold textures. Fragmented dashes and drops of interweaving colour pigments result in vibrant, almost pulsating, scenes on canvas. Works such as his landscape oil painting *Morning Ride Out * mirror the beautiful mosaic-style brush marks of George Saurat or Vincent Van Gogh.

Abstract painter Fintan Whelan combines colourful varnishes and oils to make swirling, emotionally charged abstract paintings. Tales of Wonder, oil on canvas, is a profusion of swirling shapes and billowing colours, evoking a sense of urgency, serendipity and chance.

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