Caribbean Artists

Discover Caribbean artists online. Explore a range of Caribbean creators including Dawn Beckles, Mikela Henry Lowe and Diana Rosa who specialise in a breadth of styles and mediums from figurative painting to fantasy collage.

Barbados-born Dawn Beckles is known for her vibrant figurative mixed-media paintings such as At The Walcotts, acrylic, oil, gold foil and charcoal on canvas. Dawn’s original works are full of exotic flora, fauna and fashionable furnishings. The artist revitalises traditional still life studies with canvases which pop with dazzling colour.

Mikela Henry Lowe is a Jamaican-born, London-based artist whose female portraits celebrate Black women. Oil paintings such as Mean Muggin #2 are an ode to the resilience and beauty of Black women and aim to challenge preconceived notions of iconic Black culture in the media.

Cuban artist Diana Rosa knows how to pack a punch; her tropical canvases, such as Fruit Connection, are bright, bold and full of spunk. With a style which combines both fantasy and figurative elements, Diana creates sophisticated yet sensual pieces of colourful creatures and shimmering shapes.

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    Diana Rosa

    B. 1971

    Mikela Henry-Lowe

    United Kingdom
    B. 1993

    Alejandro Dominguez

    United States
    B. 1998

    Dawn Beckles

    United Kingdom
    B. 1981