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      Austrian Artists

      Discover Austrian artists working today. Our ever-evolving online gallery showcases some of the biggest names in contemporary Austrian art, ranging from painters to print-makers to photographers and beyond.

      Swiss-Austrian artist Gabrielle Mutti creates powerful abstract paintings influenced by everyday life. Gabriella feels an energy is given off from her paintings when she paints, that chaos brings about a visceral quality to her art. In a true abstract artist’s manner, Gabrielle’s process is tangible, making for layered and textural pieces of art. Applying, scraping, painting over, drying then printing, Gabrielle’s continuous approach is entirely intuitive. The only factor that appears to be more considered is Gabrielle’s use of colour. Her eye for harmony in tone and colour makes for a series of aesthetically pleasing abstract paintings.

      Austrian painter, Jürgen Angeler also follows an abstract style to create vivid process-led works of art. Reminiscent of Gerhard Richter’s abstract paintings, Jürgen’s works are dynamic and direct, often drawing the eye to a particular place on or off the canvas.

      About Austrian Art

      In the canon of European art history, Austria is often overlooked, whilst the likes of Italy, France and the Netherlands prevail. However, the country’s capital has witnessed and produced some of the most influential figures in the development of fine art. Vienna was once home to Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, and art is rooted deep into the city’s rich tapestry.

      Klimt and Sheile’s artistic relationship is one that has intrigued historians and critics alike, and led to the Klimt / Schiele exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts in 2018. Revealing never before seen drawings along with some of their most celebrated pieces, the exhibition shone a light on these two icons of early Modernist art. You can read more about the artists’ relationship in our article, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele | Masters of Sex and Death.

      Today, Austria continues to house some of the world’s most significant European art. Spanning back from the 16th century to the birth of Modernism, the world-famous Habsburg Collection is home to works from Corregio, Velázquez, Caravaggio and Rubens. Along with the Vienna Design Week and Museum of Fine Art, Austria is a melting pot of influential visual art. Present-day Austrian artists continue to look back to the country’s artistic roots to inform and influence their practice.

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        Featured Artists
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        Gabrielle Mutti

        B. 1961

        Barbara Kuebel

        United Kingdom
        B. 1969

        Nae Zerka

        B. 1969

        franz PETTO

        B. 1958